Global Imex will give you instructions on collecting the relevant documents and will take care of the communication and submission of applications until your company registration is complete. Foreign investors have to visit Vietnam only once to set up the company.


  • Limited liability company
  • Two – member limited liability company
  • Joint stock company
  • Private enterprise


The foreign trader shall submit the application to the licensing agency where the representative office is expected to be located directly or by post or online (where applicable) .

Within 03 working days from the date of receipt of the application, the licensing agency shall examine such application and request the applicant to complete the application (if the application is incomplete) . The request for supplementation to the application shall be made only once during the processing of such application.

Apart from other provisions, the licensing agency shall send the applicant a written notification of whether the license or establishment of the representative office is granted or not within 07 working days from the date of receipt of the valid application. In case of rejection, the licensing agency shall send the applicant a written notice in which reasons for rejections shall be specified.


  • Advising to join making contract negotiation
  • Advising to form the contract of transferring rights to use land
  • Advising to form the contract of borrowing money
  • Advising labour contract
  • Advising to form the contract of purchasing enterprises and capital transferring
  • Advising to solve contract dispute
  • Advising to form civil and commercial contract



  • Establishment of enterprise with 100% foreign-invested capital;
  • Acquisition of enterprise;
  • Change of enterprise types;
  • Change of member, founding-shareholder;
  • Change of office address, project’s location;
  • Change of the legal representative;
  • Change of the target of the investment project;
  • Establishment of branches;
  • Establishment of retail-sale entity;
  • Establishment of the venture enterprise;
  • Increase of invested capital;
  • Supplementation of business lines.


  • The Law on health care including establishment consultancy of general hospitals, specialty hospitals, medical clinics, special clinic …;
  • The Laws relating to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics such as: Business cosmetic products, Registration of cosmetics advertisement, applying for the certificates of full conditions of medicine business, the certificate of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) …
  • The regulation of Law relating to traditional medical science;
  • The regulation of Law relating to food safety and nutrition;
  • The regulation of Law medical equipment and building such as: Registration of medical equipment advertising…

Employment And Labor Consultancy

  • Advising generally on the interpretation and application of Vietnam’s labour laws;
  • Advising on drafting and involving in the negotiation of labour contracts, collective labour agreements and labour rules;
  • Advising on drafting and completing enterprises’ internal procedures and regulations related to management of employees;
  • Advising on orders and procedures of disciplining employees and material responsibility;
  • Advising on orders and procedures of processing allowances, insurances for employees when labour relationships are terminated;
  • Advising and representing clients in labou dispute resolutions, including strikes;
  • Advising on conditions, orders and procedures of recruiting and managing foreign workers, drafting application dossiers for work permits required for foreign workers in Vietnam;
  • Advising on procedures of immigration, temporary residence, salary, income tax and money transfer to overseas of foreign workers;
  • Advising on laws and practices related to bringing Vietnamese workers overseas.


  • Applying for granting and extension of the entry visa from many countries to Vietnam;
  • Applying for the work permit for foreigners;
  • Application for judicial record for foreigners residing in Vietnam;
  • Application for temporary residence card, permanent residence card for foreigners;
  • Applying for granting and extension of the entry visa into many countries;
  • Applying for granting, extension, renew of any kind of passports;
  • The legal issues related to the permanent and temporary residence in Vietnam such as the procedures to apply for Family-register or temporary residence books…


Global Imex provides the legal consultancy service in the Industry and Trading including the section and field as follows: machinery, metallurgy, electricity, new energy, renewable energy, industrial explosives, industrial mining exploitation and mineral processing, consumption industry, food industry and other processing industries, trade and domestic market; import, export and border trade, foreign market development, market management, trade promotion, e-commerce, trade service and international economic integration, competition management, safeguard measures application, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, protection of consumer rights.

We support clients in Vietnam, abroad and understand the challenges that the investors have to meet, research the market, evaluate the benefits and risks of the business basing on the investment policies of the Government. By operating each group carefully, we can maintain the quality and cost control with a flexible work style. We also work with the Clients as well in the field of Industry & Commerce and the persons that their business models takes the real estate property as key strategic assets. We cooperate regularly with other specified section such as Tax, Labor and Employment, along with other specified section, to provide mature service and has coordinated with the Client, with respect to any transaction needs.


We advised Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam on the selection of Credit Suisse as its financial advisor in connection with its equitization. We are now advising Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnamon its equitization, starting with strategic sale of shares to foreign investors followed by domestic and international IPOs. This is the first equitization of a Vietnamese State-owned bank and will set a template for future large IPOs in Vietnam. We also advised Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam and Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam on the selection of financial advisors for their equitization process and are continuing to advise Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam and Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam on their equitizations.


The regulations of Law relating to transportation infrastructure in particular and the field of Communications and Transportation is one of the complex field of law in Vietnam because too many confusing and duplication rules of this field was issued by the Vietnam State Agency.

While transportation infrastructure and carriage market are still immature and in the process of development, the State policies in order to manage constant change in a short time caused the investors, individuals and organizations in Vietnam and abroad to join the business in the field related to transportation operations and implementing transport infrastructure construction to  meet many difficulties in accessing these provisions as well as the applicable law in the process of implementing the project or business activity.


  • Establishment of the Language – Information – Cultural Training Center;
  • Establishment of kindergarten – Primary – Secondary school and high school with foreign elements;
  • Establishment of Secondary Education schools and High schools with many grade levels, in there, the highest grade level is High school;
  • Establishment of the private vocational school;
  • Consulting about revising the contents of operating license of the school;
  • Consulting about other matters arising in the activity process of school.